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#1 Jan. 24, 2011 18:27:21

Michael M.
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[RFC] Var_export tabbing

I've been trying to think of something that would be a good project to cut
my teeth on for a first C project in forever and I'd rather work on
something that might be useful. While cleaning tabbing on a var_export for
a test class I think I have an idea.

What I'm looking for is two things. One, is this the sort of thing that a
beginner to C (not a beginning programmer mind you - I've been doing PHP
scripting for, gosh, 7 years now) can do. If so I'll do this just for the
experience of it because I need to learn how to prep patches and the
remainder of the process for more major patches - such as the include style
I RFC'ed earlier. It looks like if it's going to happen I'll have to learn
how to do it.

Anyway, var_export takes 2 arguments - the expression to be converted and
whether to return or echo it. I'd like to add a third, whether to use
spaces (default) or tabs for indentation

For backwards compatibility null would mean uses spaces, and use 2 per
indentation. If set to true a tab character would be used.

Thoughts and input appreciated.


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