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#1 Jan. 5, 2011 18:16:28

Johannes S.
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[PHP-DEV] Memory usage and refcount

On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 18:30 +0100, Patrick ALLAERT wrote:

> <?php
> class foo {
> static function def() {
> // $x as a static *function* var
> static $x = "foo";
> return $x;

$x is a reference to the static variable. It has to since assignment to
$x, which is a local variable, should change the static variable. This
is returned using copy semantis so we can't do copy on write.

Whereas with

> class foo {
> // $x as a static *class* var
> static $x = "foo";
> static function def() {
> return self::$x;
> }
> }

you are explicitly referencing the static class property. CoW can work


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