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#1 Dec. 13, 2010 18:39:27

Benjamin F.
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[PHP-DEV] Re: ts_free_thread() frees only temporary in multiple parallel threads

I referred to the following version of php_embed2:
http double dot slash slash svn.tobin.nl/public/php/embed2/trunk/

This seems to be an official php release especially for multi-threaded
usage but it is not included in official sources.

I just compiled it with my sources and followed the example usage as
written in the examples included within this package.


> Hi Gary,
> Which php_embed2 module are you referring to?
> I've made one quite some time ago but never got time to clean it up or even
> post it to the official source tree as none of the established PHP devs saw
> any importance in having a thread safe embedded module. So I gave up my
> efforts and will pick it up shortly for internal usage (as I'm in need of one
> again).
> kind regards,
> Bas van Beek
> Op 12 dec 2010, om 16:47 heeft Gary Zipfel het volgende geschreven:
>> (Referring to my posts: #50838 and #50916)
>> Well although I got the feeling no one cares, I finally found a solution
>> to my problem!!!
>> Combining my patch (from post #50916) with the php_embed2 module makes
>> everything working great in multi-threaded usage. The normal php_embed
>> module does not seem to be designed for that.
>> So my final conclusion for the multi-threaded SAPI is the following:
>> - my patch is needed (to avoid false resource allocation)
>> - php_embed2 module is needed (instead of php_embed)
>> - TSRMLS_FETCH() needs to be called at the start of every request
>> - ts_free_thread() should be called at the end of every request
>> But I still would like to get any comment about my patch...

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