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#1 Nov. 25, 2005 17:08:38

Henri-Pierre G.
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[avr-gcc-list] AVRFlasher for Mac OS X (and Linux)

Hello,I am working on a Mac (OS X) and, in order to program a Butterfly(atmega169), I have written a Java program (called AVRflasher) that(at least for the Butterfly) allows to flash a compiled .hex fileand has a "terminal" to communicate with the Butterfly through itsRS2232 link.It is freely available on my web pages at:http://www.ipnas.org/garnir/avrA 13 pages manual describes the program.(http://www.ipnas.ulg.ac.be/garnir/avr/AvrFlasher_Manual.pdf)The program avoid the arcane of the programming of avrdude etc.. , itworks best on OS X (but the .jar file works "as is" on Linux) and itavoids the arcane of the programming of avrdude etc..If you think it's worth a trial, give me your comments!P.S.: the zipped Xcode project( 560k with sources) can be downloadedfrom :http://www.ipnas.org/garnir/avr/AvrFlasher_4-11-05.zip--
Bien amicalement,
Prof. Henri-Pierre GARNIR,

University of Liege (BELGIUM).
I.P.N.A.S., Sart Tilman B15 (parking P45)

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