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#1 Nov. 12, 2005 23:27:21

Lakhs T.
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[Mspgcc-users] Help building the sources

Need some help building mspgcc sources.(slackware 9.1)I face the same problem either building gcc and/or gdb. When i copy thesources of mspgcc to the unpacked gcc (or gdb) source trees, andnext try to configure, i get the error message:

$Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.
$*** cannot find config.sub.

(the config.sub is there..)Check that if i don't copy the mspgcc source's (and replace the originalconfig.sub), it works.I find that (probably) this comes from this lines in the configure file(s) :# this is a hack. sun4 must always be a valid host alias or thiswill fail.if ${config_shell} ${configsub} sun4 >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
echo '***' cannot find config.sub. 1>&2
exit 1

What i can do about this ?In my mind there are things like ...i386,i686,k...@$!^&*^.....i am in theright way ?Any kind of help,suggestions,opinions, etc, well accepted.


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