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#1 Nov. 5, 2005 01:11:05

Loren P.
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[Mspgcc-users] Problems linking for MSP430F4270


Using the latest installer (mspgcc-20051026.exe) and building for the
new 'F4270 processor, I had to modify two mspgcc include files in
order to compile.

In msp430\include\msp430\lcd_a.h, several sfrb(....) lines are missing
semicolons at the end.

In msp430\include\msp430x42x0.h, line 40 should change from
#include <msp430/lcd.h>
#include <msp430/lcd_a.h>

After making these changes, I can compile, but the linker step fails
with the following message:

msp430-ld: unrecognised emulation mode: msp430x4270
Supported emulations: msp430x110 msp430x112 msp430x1101 msp430x1111
msp430x1121 msp430x1122 msp430x1132 msp430x122 msp430x123 msp430x1222
msp430x1232 msp430x133 msp430x135 msp430x1331 msp430x1351 msp430x147
msp430x148 msp430x149 msp430x155 msp430x156 msp430x157 msp430x167
msp430x168 msp430x169 msp430x1610 msp430x1611 msp430x1612 msp430x311
msp430x312 msp430x313 msp430x314 msp430x315 msp430x323 msp430x325
msp430x336 msp430x337 msp430x412 msp430x413 msp430x415 msp430x417
msp430xE423 msp430xE425 msp430xE427 msp430xW423 msp430xW425
msp430xW427 msp430xG437 msp430xG438 msp430xG439 msp430x435 msp430x436
msp430x437 msp430x447 msp430x448 msp430x449

I am using the flag "-mmcu=msp430x4270" and see that the linker is
correctly linking to the object file msp430x4270.o, but it looks like
the linker script does not exist for this processor, and also that
tc-msp430.c needs to be updated?

Thanks for any help,



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  • » [Mspgcc-users] Problems linking for MSP430F4270 [RSS Feed]

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