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#1 Nov. 21, 2005 06:48:22

ken o.
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[avr-gcc-list] anyone work with ADC on 355E?

hello, i have been trying to get the ADC to read..
i am using some ADC code from a 355 demo... and
i find that it is looping in the while loop below:

void MT_ADStartConv(void)
while (a_dcomp == NOTHING); // Wait for 1st
conversion to clear
a_dcomp = CONVERT ; // Tell the next
routine that conversion is ongoing
ADCSR |= BIT(ADSC) ; // start A/D

the interrupt that changes the value of a_dcomp isn't
being called.
is that because the start A/D conversion bit isn't set
until line #3??
anyone know what this "1st conversion to clear" refers

also, does anyone know what the value of AG_A2D_ADCSR
is in the following?

void AG_Setup_ADC(void)
ADMUX = CLEAR ; // connects to
first pin by clearing A/D's MUX
a_dcomp = NOTHING ; // clears out
interrupt first


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