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Django WebFramework & Satchmo eCommerce - Linux Base

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Software-Development - Web-Development - using Linux as a basis

We love Open Source - so our base systems are linux only. If you are interested in hiring us, please consider linux as your base-system.

Raphael Reumayr born in 1982 is an electronics engineer and software developer at the develissimo webplatform. His interests are related to open source development, environmentalism, astronomy and the future of mankind on and around this beautiful blue planet.

If you are interested in our know-how and services related to django web-development, the Satchmo eCommerce framework and/or other django related applications - your welcome to contact us by using the following contact options.


Raphael  Developer
Raphael Reumayr
Welser Str. 100
4060 Leonding/Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)680 / 3115028

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