Use EMSTAR Toner and Ink Cartridges to Save Environment and Operational Expenses

Use EMSTAR Toner and Ink Cartridges to Save Environment and Operational Expenses

The prevailing recessional economic cycle has made it mandatory for the modern businesses to explore various options to save energy and money. Most of the companies started looking for buying environment-friendly and recyclable accessories and stationeries to reduce their operational cost. If you are planning to reduce the recurring operational expenses of your organization, you can always concentrate on buying the right quality ink, toner and cartridge.


As most of the modern organizations have to frequently print different types of forms and documents, the ecologic remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges are very much effective in saving both energy and resources. The EMSTAR (EMBATEX AG) toner cartridges available at are popular due to their eco-friendly and cost-efficient features. As per the recently released statistics, these toner cartridges are effective in saving 500 tons of waste on a yearly basis.

The overall benefits of EMSTAR recyclable toner, ink and cartridge can be discussed under two broad categories, i.e., financial and ecological. Embatex AG is also popular due to launching technological solutions with features to save energy and protect environment. The products launched by Embatex comply with various quality standards including the ISO, DIN, EMAS and European Standards. Unlike the regular cartridges available in the market, EMSTAR complies with these quality standards.


A number of laboratory tests have also highlighted the high amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) being generated to produce the individual ink cartridge. As per the laboratory research data, about 4.8 kilograms of CO2 is released due to the greenhouse effect during the production of a single ink cartridge. So a company can start using EMSTAR regularly to prevent the creation of about 500 tons of waste per year.

About 350 millions cartridges are transferred annually to the landfills or dumps by both individual and corporate lawyers. The number is high enough to cause ecological imbalance and annoyance. Further, the accumulated waste can be cleared only after a longer-period of time. You can easily avoid contributing to the annual wastage creation by using EMSTAR.

Some online sellers like also offer different EMSTAR models to suit the printing requirements of your organization You can visit the website to browse through the different types of recyclable ink, toner and cartridge offered by it. The website also offers free shipping to the clients to control their budget. Once you start using EMSTER on a regular basis, the strategy will have a positive impact on your operational cost as well as saving the environment.


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  • The author Raphael Reumayr born 1982 is an electronics engineer and software developer at the develissimo webplatform. His interests are related to open source development, environmentalism, astronomy and the future of mankind on and around this beautiful blue planet.

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Published: Feb. 1, 2012

Author: Raphael Reumayr


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