About Develissimo

What is Develissimo all about?

Develissimo is an electronics platform targeting open source development. It started to be fully available on the web in 2011. So you see it is fresh as ice!

The aim of the project is to provide the community of open source enthusiasts (so are we) related to electronics development with a feature rich platform, to talk, ask questions, find help, discuss projects and communicate.

What does Develissimo stand for?

This we get asked frequently. So here is the explanation:
devel refers to the English word "development"
issimo is the ending of the Italian word "benissimo" which sounds nice and has the meaning of "good" "very good". So with develissimo we want to tell the world Have a 'good development'.

What kind of projects are eligible to join?

All kind of projects related to electronics open source development are welcome. Use our forums, talk, help and show your project to the world using our free electronics blogging section!


One important security aspect on develissimo, is that your privacy such as your personal email-address is hidden for all other users by default. You are able to activate it, if you like to show it to the outside world. But as a default it is hidden. Even it is hidden, others still will be able to communicate directly with you by using the form-email or writing a PM (private message) They will not see your real email address. So you do not have to be afraid of Spam or any other security concerns.

As we make a point on security the platform is fully powered by open source technologies such as Linux, Ubuntu, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and a lot more. Get more detailed information on the following site: used technologies .

We, the founders of, are students of informatics and electronics. As we are no native English speakers, please forgive us the one or the other slip of the pen. Develissimo is presented to you accordingly to your language settings of your web-browser, but even if your settings differ to English, please do all postings and communication in English language. Thank you! Yes that sounds funny, but i know forums, where this sometimes is not that clear :-)

Forum and Blog activities

If you want to post topics, reply to a post, order email notification on topics in the forums or write your own blog in the blog section - a login is required for security reasons. If you are interested in posting blogs on develissimo, just write a PM to user "develadmin". He will grant you access to being able to write a blog on your favorite electronics topic.

How to contribute?

Join us with your projects as Daniel from MSPDebug did. Or just sign up to support us in the forums. Tell your development friends about develissimo.

Well, electronic developers, this is it, for now.
See you all regularly!

Hopefully you do enjoy the possibilities provided by develissimo and you like the idea of an open source electronics platform. Check back soon, share your thoughts and help others with your development experiences!

  • The author Raphael Reumayr born 1982 is an electronics engineer and software developer at the develissimo webplatform. His interests are related to open source development, environmentalism, astronomy and the future of mankind on and around this beautiful blue planet.

Enjoy the 22nd of November


Published: June 19, 2011

Author: Raphael Reumayr


Word Count: 503

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