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About Us

Community-Focused Electronics Platform

Develissimo is an international acting electronics component distributor and development company. To the open source electronics development community we do provide a free of charge information platform reflecting in an electronics forum, a web-log with hopefully a lot of useful and productive information to you and the world. We're passionate about having a good and stable web-platform that is giving its members state of the art functionalities and data protection. You as a member develop cost-efficient prototypes, re-designs, or even larger projects. Share your thoughts, ask questions and be part of one of the first open source electronics platforms world wide. So you see, we do work in close partnership, but not only with our suppliers, with you as well!


The component store is updated daily with products of the industry-leading manufacturers. Our website is providing you with products you will need in your professional development, prototyping or at educational levels. Check out the downloadable data sheets provided to each product, reference designs, application notes, and technical design information. Save money in your company or group by moving from a maybe expensive and unsatisfied development tool to one that is provided in our information sections. Discuss online, get help and give back to the community. There are different language choices, the one your browser is set to will presented as default. For the ones who are in a hurry, at checkout you can choose our fast international priority package delivery, to receive your ordering in no time or you decide to take the low cost world wide package delivery on excellent cheap shipping costs.

Product Line

Develissimo is your Open Source providing and supporting electronics development platform. This begins at the technology used in our company. There is no other software running on our systems than open source. And this is the reason why we can give back to the open source community, because we do know what we are talking about. But we need you to contribute! Discuss, talk, ask questions, help the ones who need your knowledge and order directly on your favorite electronics open source supporting website. Our product catalog is expanding with new components daily. If you are not finding what you are looking for, don't forget: There is one thing we are really good at and this is service. Contact us and we will find a solution together with you. State-of-the-Art Open Source Platform and Store System Develissimo international headquarters is located in Austria, Europe, and spans over 82 sq. ft. Inside is the company's chief office, call and data center, as well as our state-of-the-art warehouse and open source store system. The wireless warehouse and management system and the engagement of our employees pushes pickup and shipping operations to its best. These high-tech capabilities and the efficient order fulfillment processes allow for fast delivery with same-day shipping. The 20 sq. ft. data center features a non-pre-action fire alert system, connections to multiple power sources, and a dedicated coaxial communications network to ensure uninterrupted online availability.

International/Worldwide Customer Service

Develissimo is dedicated to provide world wide superior member- and customer-services. Even English is the language of choice on our electronics online platform (to give people all over the world, the chance to participate), you can contact us in the following languages: English, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan, Chinese and Russian. We are here to provide you and the Open Source community with the special personalized service you deserve to get your projects off the ground with the free spirit of community driven development: No-minimum orders, fast shipping, live chat with leading members of our community, forum account and web-log direct information, service, support and more.

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